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“I attended the International School of Feng Shui in June 2010. I studied under Feng Shui Master, Amanda Collins. Amanda is an influential teacher of the science, theories, and practices of Feng Shui. She has played a supportive role in offering a consistent and strong knowledge base for my career endeavors and visions. She is very insightful and has been an outstanding mentor.
Kathy Peterson, Graduate of the International Feng Shui School

Dear Amanda,
Thank you sooo much for your and unlimited enthusiasm about Feng Shui. During the masters training program your guidance was so pivotal in helping me finding the dream career I have been praying for. The curriculum used during the classes, with the emphasis in the balance between the intuitive and the exact mathematical aspects of Feng Shui were absolutely fascinating to me. Your kindness and vast wisdom have helped me start a new chapter in my life and for that I will always be grateful to you.
I feel so blessed to have been given such wonderful gift of knowledge. Imagine, I, now have the ability to create a home that helps support me, my family and my future clients in all aspects of our lives. Wow!
Thank you Amanda for being such an amazing teacher!!! It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of your class.
Lots of love
Christian Choiseul

As an Acupuncturist in training, something really "clicked" for me when Amanda compared Feng Shui to the human body.  She told me, "similarly to the way you become conscious of the things you put in your body to bring balance, strength, love, harmony, etc, in Feng Shui we do the same with your environment."  It hit me like a brick in the forehead.  Many of the things in my studio were "functional" but not things that I really "loved" or "felt good" to me.  After Amanda's consultation, I eagerly began making the tiny changes here and there.  Like all life giving exercises, the tiny changes created a massive wave of transformation in my life.  Not only did I see immediate results in my Abundance, but also in my Love life!  Amanda is an Old Soul who passionately shares many lifetimes of her healing light and touch with us once again.  Thank you Amanda!"
- Haunani Chong, Transformational Leader & Conscious Entrepreneur

"Monday morning Amanda Collins came to my apartment. She went so far beyond my expectations in balancing my home. Listening is a wonderful quality and she asked me great questions about my son, my life and goals. She made suggestions for improving areas of my life I want to strengthen and change, in addition to clearing and blessing our new space. She also gave me the research she did prior to our meeting. Within the next 24hours I found two round trip airline tickets for $100 dollars total. I believe Feng Shui is making it possible for my son and I to travel and have more abundance. Thank you Amanda!" – Stephanie West, Marketing Executive, San Diego

"Amanda is wonderful! So loving and kind and talented. Implementing her suggestions resulted in such a positive, nice shift in the energy of my home. I recommend her and her services most highly!" - 
Jeanette E. Lee

Amanda Collins has been featured on FOX News and other major networks as a leading Feng Shui consultant and teacher. She's a master trainer and founder of the International School of Feng Shui, founder of Calling all Goddesses, a Deep Yoga teacher and a guide for sacred journeys around the world.


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"My husband and I were trying to move our lives in a different yet positive direction and we were also trying to conceive our first child, to no avail, so everything felt stagnant. I thought I'd try something new for our seventh year anniversary gift, my husband was not very impressed with this whimsical "waste of time" to Feng Shui. However I ignored him and followed my intuition... enter Amanda, the lovely gentle wind of change— with a soft warmth that emanated from her very soul. Amanda was professional, confident and very knowledgeable about her craft. My husband very skeptical soon became enthralled and 2 months later we were pregnant. We all need a gentle breeze." - Coral & Dillon Hilbig

"Amanda is a ray of strong sunlight bursting through the clouds of clutter and disarray that most of us live with. Her personality is so positive, so high-energy, that she inspires everyone to take action. Equally important, her skills at blending the ancient ways of feng shui with modern design concepts can turn homes and workplaces into serene, productive, beautiful - and joyful - places “to be.” Even if your home or office seems “totally together,” she can suggest ways of rearranging the space and adding certain key elements that have an amazing affect on your energy levels and well-being."
- Peter Jensen, Marketing Director, Rancho La Puerta fitness resort